We provide independent personal money advice to help you take control finances.

94% of our customers find the benefits advice element of our service helpful and we identify millions of pounds of missing income each year.

Take the first step

Talk to your energy company, water supplier, bank, building society or debt advice provider and ask to be referred to IncomeMax.  If they are part of our network, you can access our personal money advice services.

Take control of your finances

We’ll work with you to identify ways to increase your income, reduce bills and deal with any problem debts.  We can also help you overcome tricky obstacles like phone calls to government departments, claims forms and incorrect benefits decisions.

Stay in control

It can take time, but gradually things will start to fall into place.  Your income will be maximised, household bills will be reduced and you’ll be on the way to managing problem debts.


We know that life happens but believe there is always a step forward. We provide independent personal money advice for the real world that helps you take control of your finances. IncomeMax has helped thousands of households manage their finances and we know how to help real people.

Our process

Our process


Referral created by an IncomeMax partner


A case handler is then assigned to call the customer


IncomeMax case handler will give the assigned customer a call


Case handler reviews all the customer’s information about their expenditure and income

Case handler reviews what income the customer is receiving; including a benefits check. They then look at what they can reduce spending on, including utility scheme, tariff changes, energy and water efficiencies. In some cases they will even look at charity grants for the most vulnerable.


Case handler explains to the customer how to claim the new identified income or sends applications forms

Assisted support for the vulnerable

We do offer a service for the most vulnerable customers that need further assistance.

The IncomeMax Team

Here to steady your ship.

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