I had a really hectic October and November has been no different! I'm not complaining though as it is great Income Max is getting lots of interest.

I had a great end to last month when I appeared on Working Lunch not just once but twice in one week! I appeared on Monday 25th October to talk about the changes to Income Support for Lone Parents. I then went back on again on Friday 30th October as the 'ask the expert' specialist, answering lots of viewers questions on benefits.

Both appearances went really well and I was pleased with the infomation I provided for viewers.

On a personal note,  Naga and Declan wished me happy birthday at the end of the Friday programme live on TV! I was celebrating my 34th Birthday on the Friday and it was a really nice thing to happen! I had taken my wife Stephanie and my daughter Maddison with me to the BBC and after the programme we got shown around the studios - we even got to say hello to Zoe Lucker from Strictly Come Dancing which was great!

I'm also featured on the BBC website:


I've also just had a brand new 'Benefits Doctor Column' published in LBBD Community Newspaper The News.

You can read a digital version here:


Lee H