Calling London's Buzziest, Brightest Graduates!

A fantastic opportunity to work for a developing Community Interest Company in a lovely central London location.

Come and join our friendly team as a trainee welfare advisor for the UK's entitlement experts, IncomeMAX.

Who are we?                                    

IncomeMAX are the entitlement experts. We help people to make sense of their benefits, tax credits, expenditure and debt issues.

What do we do?

We provide personalised telephone-based advice to our customers, to help them maximise their income and minimise their expenditure.

We do this through a range of projects commissioned by our partner organisations.

What does the job involve?

Our welfare experts know and understand the benefits and tax credits system inside out. We help our customers to make sense of their welfare entitlement, maximise income and minimise their expenditure, so that moving forward they are in a much better position financially. We also help customers to find the right debt advice.

We go the extra yard for every customer, recording our interactions and building each customer's case as we progress.

So you'll be on the telephone talking to customers a lot! You'll carry out in-depth benefit checks and will provide expert advice to customers to help them increase income and minimise expenditure.

As a result of your work with customers, you'll prepare in-depth reports and statistics for customers and our commissioning partners.

Phew! Sounds like hard work?

It is. But it's rewarding and ground-breaking. IncomeMAX is unique in its approach and we're a company going places. Our trainee welfare advisors will help us to develop our business and the possibilities for development are endless.

Are you our ideal candidate?

You might be if you are; hard working, caring, bright, buzzy, ready to learn, conscientious, brilliantly numerate, fantastically literate and a people person.

You'll be a quick learner and possess excellent research skills. You'll have an interest in helping people (within professional boundaries) and an understanding of issues people face in life; e.g. unemployment, disability, debt, caring, children, bereavement, old age, mental health, maternity, fuel poverty, child poverty, housing and social care issues.... to name just a few.

Ultimately, you'll be self-motivated, energetic and ready to give your all for IncomeMAX, our customers and our partners. 


The training is intensive and you will be expected to study outside of work hours as well as undertaking formal training. A self-starting, positive attitude and dedication will be required to get up to speed quickly so please take this into consideration before applying.

What we promise in return

£21k starting salary with regular pay reviews

In-depth, intensive training

Opportunities for development within a range of sectors including finance, energy, debt management, local authorities, charities and advice

Central London location

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We are... the BBC's regular benefits experts... 2010 London Leaders... 2010 Go Awards Best Service Finalists... Advice UK members... Social Enterprise Coalition Members