I am very proud to say that IncomeMAX has been chosen to be part of the 2010 London Leaders Programme. 

The London Leaders programme is designed to catalyse change - the kind of change that is needed to tackle London's most ingrained problems.

International research from the UK, Europe and North and South America, undertaken on behalf of the London Sustainable Development Commission, showed that the challenges we face are not solved by governments or corporations alone. They are solved through strong leadership at every level, by people working together and by being empowered to take action. The idea being that providing individuals and their communities with the confidence, skills and support to make sustainable changes in their lives can lead to positive change.

IncomeMAX is part of a third generation of London Leaders for 2010 who will motivate all of us to take action in our own communities, homes and workplaces to make London greater.

My London Leaders pledge is to launch an IncomeMAX entitlement check service for vulnerable people in London that need personalised help to maximise their income and support to understand their benefits & tax credits entitlement. We will be working in partnership with service users, existing advice services, charities/social enterprises, businesses and government departments to find a sustainable solution to the problems that people face understanding and claiming the correct benefits and tax credits. It promises to be an exciting year!

You can find more information on my London Leaders Programme here:


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For more information, If you would like to support my London Leaders programme for 2010 please email lee.healey@incomemax.org.uk