I’m proud to announce the launch of IncomeMAX, the branded benefit check and income maximisation service. I’ve had the idea for IncomeMAX for a number of years now. It started life as “benefitcheck” a number of years ago, when the Internet was still a relatively new phenomenon. I built a very basic website and put it up, just to see what kind of response it would get. Amazingly, the website got shown on Good Morning America, a TV show in the United States and I arrived home one day to find the website had over a million hits, mainly from American clients wanting to know if there was a US version! I was still only a welfare benefits advisor at the time so I quickly realised that although there was massive potential in the idea, it would have to be done properly and that I’d need some help! Fast forward to 2008 and we was very lucky that Hillingdon Council, along with Hillingdon Pension Service and Warm Zone allowed me to run a benefitcheck pilot, providing benefit checks for 1000 Hillingdon residents. The pilot was a brilliant success, and not only did we manage to get an extra £250,000 of additional benefits for residents but everyone we spoke to better understood their entitlement. The concept worked! So it was time to launch the idea properly. 

I really hope that IncomeMAX makes a  real difference in the quest to help people claim what’s theirs and better understand their entitlement. I’d also like to say how excited I was to have the award winning Attitude design on board. They have done a fantastic job on the website and logo and I look forward to working with them again in the future.

Now the work really begins. We’ve already got a lot of interest from organisations that would like to commission IncomeMAX to provide entitlement checks for the people they support and we want to provide this service for everyone that really needs this service as soon as possible. We’re going to work really hard to make this happen, so please watch this space.

I’m also looking forward to blogging on all things benefits regularly on IncomeMAX – please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have comments or suggestions – you can email me at lee.healey@incomemax.org.uk

Lee H