IncomeMAX have a professional, fully trained expert team of expert advisors that provide our personalised, independent and confidential entitlement checks.

 The IncomeMAX Entitlement Check has four possible steps:

Step 1: Income and circumstances assessment – to help the customer understand any current benefits and tax credits in payment, their current income level and any key benefit and tax credit entitlement indicators  

Step 2: Expert benefit check - to help the customer establish the correct benefit and tax credit entitlement and any additional benefits and tax credits they might be missing out on

Step 3: Financial & social well-being check: to help the customer identify other financial and social well-being requirements they need support with, for example, money guidance, legal issues, training & skills, finding employment, community care, energy and water efficiency advice, tax advice and pension advice

Step 4: On-going contact and case follow up – we support our customers through the whole process, until income is fully maximised and support is in place for all other financial and social well-being requirements