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Welcome to the June 2012 edition of the IncomeMAX benefits and tax credits update.

DID YOU KNOW that IncomeMAX can help your non-bill paying customers to become bill-paying customers once again?

The personalised advice that IncomeMAX provide can make a massive difference to a customer's income and expenditure, which in turn can have an impact on their ability to pay their bills. IncomeMAX currently work across a range of sectors, including financial services, utilities and debt management and we're leading the way in developing new, innovative ways of supporting customers with their finances. Find out more about our exciting IncomeMAX service below.

On the subject of innovation, IncomeMAX have secured as the platform for rolling out our Universal Credit and Personal Independence Payment training and seminars (both benefits due to be launched 2013/2014). More information can be found below.


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IncomeMAX secure

If your organisation works with low income customers then the chances are you're already planning how to train your staff on the new welfare system which launches next year.

At IncomeMAX, we're busy developing a whole range of welfare reform training, including seminars on Universal Credit (which is replacing a range of mean-tested benefits) and the Personal Independence Payment (replacing Disability Living Allowance, or DLA as it is commonly known).

IncomeMAX are really excited to have secured as the platform for rolling out our training and seminar programmes and the website is due for launch before the end of the year.

Look out for more updates over the next few months. In the meantime, email your welfare reform training requirements


Can IncomeMAX help your customers to become BILL PAYING customers once again?

It's amazing how a simple idea can develop into something exciting and

groundbreaking. IncomeMAX is almost 3 years old and we've developed our service extensively during this time.

Our personalised benefit entitlement check service is evolving dramatically, as we gradually discover the kind of help and information our customers (your customers!) need.

The expert benefits and tax credits advice IncomeMAX provides is still an essential element of what we do. Billions of ££'s STILL goes unclaimed every year and IncomeMAX have found many missing £MILLIONS for our customers.

But welfare advice is not the only way we help a customer to maximise their income.

Did you know that IncomeMAX also help customers to:

- Understand how they can be better-off in work

- Access essential help for energy and water bills, including special tariffs and charitable trust funds

- Find the right debt advice or debt management support

- Access schemes outside of the usual benefits system e.g. the Warm Home Discount, Discretionary Housing Payments, Benevolence Charity Grants, The Family Fund and Healthy Start Food & Vitamin Vouchers

- Use existing money management services, such as The Money Advice Service and Credit Action

All in all, the IncomeMAX service can have a huge impact on a customer's ability to pay their bills.

So, if your organisation has a customer base that is struggling to pay their bills, why not work with IncomeMAX to help improve their financial situation? In many cases, a struggling, unhappy customer might well become a happier, bill-paying customer once again.

To find out more email


IncomeMAX Vulnerable Customers Fund in partnership with The Shackleton Foundation

The IncomeMAX Vulnerable Customers Fund (VCF) helps us to provide the IncomeMAX service free to some of Britain's most vulnerable customers.

The Vulnerable Customers Fund is supported by The Shackleton Foundation and works in partnership with charitable organisations.

The VCF is particularly important for urgent cases and we supported five families this month that were having extreme difficulties with their benefit payments.

Our thanks go to The Shackleton Foundation for their continued support. You can visit their website at


Other news


IncomeMAX featured on a range of BBC TV and Radio programmes over the last couple of months, including an appearance on BBC Radio 4 Money Box Live, with Vincent Duggleby. The topic on this occasion was Divorce and Separation.

In the course of our research for the programme IncomeMAX discovered the excellent website. CM Options help with understanding your choices for arranging child maintenance.

The BBC interviews we undertake are always well received and we've had lots of interest from the public and partners as a result.


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