IncomeMAX are pleased to announce the launch of our SUPER DUPER INSULATED HOMES PROJECT in partnership with Osborne Energy.  

The IncomeMAX Super Duper Insulated Homes Project assists low income homeowners and privately renting tenants to get FREE INSULATION for their home.

Insulation helps keep your home warm, reduces your energy use and helps the environment.

Insulation also saves you money by cutting the cost of your energy bills.

The Super Duper Insulated Homes Project will also help you to MAXIMISE YOUR INCOME by providing expert benefits and tax credits advice.

Working in Partnership with Osborne Energy

The Super Duper Insulated Homes Project is delivered in partnership with Osborne Energy, one of the UK’s leading delivery partners for the energy efficiency sector.


To qualify for free insulation you’ll need to meet the Super Priority Group criteria.

You must be;

  • be aged over 60, or
  • be a disabled person, or 
  • have a disabled child, or 
  • have a child aged under

AND be in receipt of;

  • Pension Credit, or
  • Child Tax Credit (income below £16,190), or 
  • Income-based Job Seeker’s Allowance (IB JSA), or
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance (IR ESA) which includes a work-related activity or support component, or
  • Income Support

To find out if you are eligible for free insulation call the IncomeMAX Super Duper Insulated Homes Project on 0300 777 777 2 or email