Recent IncomeMAX research has highlighted a worrying time ahead for many customers paying for energy on a pre-payment meter. Our survey showed that only one of the big six energy suppliers currently allows pre-payment customers to take advantage of price freeze offers. With over 6.5 million energy customers across the UK paying for their energy on a pre-payment meter, millions of energy customers could be hit by rising prices, with no option to freeze prices in the way that customers can when paying for energy on a credit meter. In addition, although most energy suppliers do allow pre-payment customers to access their cheapest tariffs, they are NOT AUTOMATICALLY PLACED ON THE BEST TARIFF. This means that many pre-payment meter customers are likely to be on standard variable tariffs which would be affected by price rises. Paying for energy via a pre-payment meter is an ideal way of controlling energy costs when on a budget. This is especially important for lower income households in these tough times. But, we really are at the point where energy bills are simply unaffordable for many lower income households, especially those paying for energy on a pre-payment meter. Also, millions of households are already in energy bill arrears. IncomeMAX does not believe it is the best time to be encouraging lower income customers to move to a credit meter, when paying for energy on a pre-payment meter makes more sense from a budgeting and avoiding energy bill arrears perspective. IncomeMAX are therefore calling on energy suppliers to review their tariff and price freeze options for pre-payment customers. We are asking that ALL energy suppliers; 1) allow pre-payment meter customers to freeze prices in exactly the same way that their credit meter customers can. 2) ensure pre-payment meter customers opt onto the best value tariff available to them before the harsh winter kicks in.  This has the potential to save lives this winter and help in the fight against fuel poverty. In two simple steps, energy suppliers would make energy bills a little more affordable for millions of lower income customers this winter. TO PLEDGE YOUR SUPPORT, PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION NOW Lee Healey IncomeMAX Managing Director For more information and to support our pre-pay energy campaign please email or visit the campaign page NOTES: * Pre-payment customers can switch energy suppliers, as long as they do not have more than £500 of arrears on the meter. Read more from Which? * The £135 Warm Home Discount is potentially available to many pre-payment meter customers, but is subject to eligibility criteria. In addition, 'Broader Group' customers need to apply. Find out about the Warm Home Discount here for both Core Group and Broader Group customers. * How do pre-payment meters work? Read the guide from Citizens Advice * Twitter survey undertaken Thursday 24th October via @Income_MAX. Our thanks to all of the big six energy suppliers for responding to the survey questions on Twitter and for supplying information/links on their pre-payment meter tariff and price freezing options. * British Gas currently allow pre-pay meter customers to take advantage of price freeze offers