As many of you will know, IncomeMAX is an expert benefits and tax credits advice service which is provided by a well trained, dedicated, professional team of advisors.

I really do believe in the power of good advice work. In this day and age of IT, gizmos, gadgets, call centres and websites it is now often quite rare to talk to someone who knows their stuff and can really help.  

Good advice, whether over the telephone or face2face, can really make a difference to peoples lives. I see this every day at IncomeMAX but it is the same at advice centres up and down the country, with dedicated advisors providing excellent customer service and expert advice to people that had nowhere else to turn.

This is why when we hear stories about fabulous advisors we like to highlight their work and tell the world about the great work they do. Step forward therefore, Amina Begum.

Amina, a long-standing NVQ trainee was recently nominated by Advice UK for a medal for excellence for her services to Advice & Guidance.  She was awarded the medal & will pick it up at a swanky presentation evening next week!

However, there's another award called the 'people's choice' which members of the public have to vote for and Advice UK would like people to vote for Amina. IncomeMAX have voted for Amina and we'd very much like our customers and partners to do the same.

Here's the link where people can vote for Amina via Facebook:

We spoke to Advice UK's leading learning consultant and brain friendly training guru Kerry Herbert about Amina's success. "AdviceUK NVQ candidate Amina has already been awarded a prestigious Medal for Excellence and has now been nominated for the 'People's Choice award' through City & Guilds. She started as a volunteer, worked her way through the ranks and is now supporting others to achieve their own goals. She's a shining example of the heights that young people can reach with a bit of encouragement & self belief & is a massive inspiration to others!"

"Please vote for her! Only takes a few seconds!"

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